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sex after pregnancy

Upon conceiving, a couple has to reduce its sexual activity. During this time, some men turn tolas vegas escortsespecially when their women have complications during and/or after delivery. However, most couples are ready to start having sex shortly after the baby is delivered. However, there are things that can make a couple not ready for sexual activity after childbirth. In fact, your doctor can give you the green light to start having sex but you end up realizing that you are not ready.

When can It Continue?

In most cases, couples are advised to wait for four to six weeks after vaginal birth or cesarean delivery. However, it’s important to talk to your doctor before you start having sex. Remember that people are different. While some women take long to heal after delivery, others heal faster.

After a cesarean delivery, an episiotomy, or a perineal tear, a doctor can recommend that you wait for six weeks to resume sex. After childbirth, the body of a woman starts the healing phase once bleeding has stopped. Tears start healing and the cervix starts closing. As such, if you have sex too early, you risk having uterine infection or postpartum hemorrhage. This means you risk having to book companions more anytime you need sexual satisfaction if you rush into resuming sexual activity. Nevertheless, there are several factors that determine when to continue after pregnancy.

These include:

  • Pain levels
  • Stress
  • Fatigue
  • Sex drive
  • Fear of another pregnancy
  • Postpartum depression
  • Vaginal dryness

Post-Pregnancy Sex Problems

Even when ready to cut links with companions in order to start having more sex with your wife after birth, post-pregnancy sex problems can complicate things. Here are some of the post-pregnancy problems that you are likely to face.

Painful Intercourse

Hormonal changes that come with pregnancy can lead to vaginal dryness which can make sex painful. What’s more, vaginal lubrication is also reduced by breastfeeding. Some women also have sores from childbirth.

Leaky and Tender Breasts

When nursing, breasts can be heavy and a major inconvenience during orgasm. That’s because orgasm has a link with the hormones associated with breastfeeding. What’s more, after having the baby suckles your breasts the whole day, you might want them to be left alone throughout the night. This can hinder sex enjoyment with your partner.

Body Consciousness

The uterus takes about two months to get to its pre-pregnancy size. That means you will still look like you are pregnant for some time after delivery. This body consciousness combined with stretch marks and possibly a scar can ruin your enjoyment of sex.

These post-pregnancy sex problems combined with a baby that needs nursing are some of the reasons why a man can still book an escorts near me long after his wife give birth. Nevertheless, talk about these issues as a couple and consult your doctor if necessary to resume sex after pregnancy safely.

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